Our Mission

“To provide high caliber affordable turbo units and superior service to our clients, to meet their performance needs”.

Our Purpose

JTRS will provide an opportunity for savings on each turbo unit repaired or purchased. In the Caribbean, anyone who uses turbo accessories and turbo engines need to utilize the services of trained technicians in the United states or in England for repairs and upgrades, which can get very expensive.  The average market cost to repair a turbo, depending on size, ranges from $170,000 to $350,000.


But why pay shipping and handling twice and wait for weeks?  We have knowledge of turbo units and have experience repairing them. Our suppliers have mastered the art of designing and manufacturing auto parts, and accessories, through advanced technology. Consequently, the products are efficient, effective and durable.

At the JTRS, we use genuine parts at affordable prices for all repair jobs. The company will NOT compromise on quality and durability for after market or low-grade parts and accessories.  We are able to maintain our service standard and level of supply, through an ongoing arrangement with the best suppliers, who are ready to fill our orders and offer substantial volume discounts which are passed to our customers.

Your Benefits

  • Generated savings from shared contract support
  • Long-term reduction of down time
  • Technical support
  • Sound and reliable direction where parts and installation of these parts are concerned
  • Product guarantees and service warranties


We accept a 50% deposit on turbo units to be repaired or purchased and the balance is paid on delivery.

It is important to us that our customers not only leave feeling satisfied with the quality of our products and service, but they can tell others that we are environmentally responsible and their safety is priority.

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