Related Questions

Q: What is a leaf spring?
Leaf springs are a simple form of springs used for suspension in the vehicles. The center of the spring is connected to the axle, whereas, loops at either end are connected to the chassis. The layers of a leaf spring depend on the weight of the vehicle.

Q: Which are the most important auto parts?
Car battery, axles, brakes, pistons, fuel injector, radiator, AC compressor, clutch, engine fan, leaf springs, shock absorbers, and spark plug are some of the most important auto parts that ensure the smooth running of a vehicle.

Q: Which are the popular aftermarket brands of auto parts?
Some of the most popular aftermarket auto parts brands include Bosch, Bilstein, ACDelco, EBC, Koni, Motorcraft, FlowTech, HKS, Carquest, Weathertech, Bendix Corporation, Corsa, and Spectra Premium.

Q: Which are the top manufacturers of auto covers?
Some of the top brands manufacturing auto covers are AutoAnything, WeatherTech, Covercraft, Halford, CarCoverStore, and Lanmodo. These brands manufacture auto covers for vehicles from every segment.

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